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Victor Ayala -Birria- Mexican Meat Stew 7-Item Powerup: Shaped in a Bowl. The roll you row becomes the top of the screen
and then you make this shape. (BEFORE)
FussionDelight- Milkshake straw= 5 item power up. Pick any column and then do rng. The item you land on is the bottom row of the screen.
Go up to the top of the screen (that’s 4 items). Then choose to go left OR right and that item will be the 5th item. BEFORE
Sushi Roll:
Andrew Sweeney SUSHI ROLL 5 item powerup. When you land on a item roll a number 1-5 and the item you landed is that "piece of sushi" in the roll.
Choose which direction the "sushi roll" goes (up & down, left & right or diagonal) and get those 5 items.? BEFORE
PEPSI - POP ROCKS - The item you land on and then roll 1-7 and move there- 2 items - ANYTIME